29 - 31.10. 2024 | Moscow, IEC «Expocentre», Pavilion №1

Technoflame company, the Russian burner manufacturer at Heat&Electro 2024.

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Technoflame LLC is a Russian full-cycle enterprise from the stages of cutting and procurement of parts to shipment of finished products. Year of creation – 2016; Saint Petersburg.

The main activity is the production of industrial automated burners TECHNOFLAME for operation on standard and non-standard types of fuel (UTK is the client’s unique fuel).

Burner devices are produced in a block version of the TF series up to 20 MW, with a built-in fan, and in a 2-block version of the TFD series up to 80 MW, with a separately mounted fan of low mass and a rotation speed of up to 3000 rpm, which allows them to be installed in confined spaces within the boiler room.

All TECHNOFLAME burners have an adjustable flame tube and mixing device made of heat-resistant steel. The mechanization of the elements of the mixing device allows the burners to adapt to all types of combustion chambers, from short and ultra-short to the longest possible.

Both TF and TFD have automatic equipment of their own production. Depending on the Buyer’s needs, a multi-line display FLAMATIC 200, 3000 or a human-machine interface FLAMATIC 2000, 6000 is built into the control panel of the burner automation system.

The following useful options can be connected to the FLAMATIC combustion manager:

• Regulation of residual oxygen in exhaust flue gases;

• Remote monitoring of burner operation and adjustment of settings in emergency situations;

• Increasing the reliability of the automation system through the use of redundant controllers and control channels.

In addition to burners, the company produces THERMOHEAT boiler and auxiliary equipment: pumping stations, butterfly and disc valves, water heaters, dampers, booster stations, fire extinguishing stations, etc.

We invite specialists to attend stand F014 at Heat&Electro 2024!